“To know your enemy is half the victory.”

What's Biting Me?

pest is biting a foot

Our Mission

Did you just locate some random insects in your bed? Possibly something has been consuming the food in your storeroom? Or perhaps you have actually discovered a nest of fire ants believing they have actually been granted asylum in your backyard. Well, you’re in the right place, because we are here to help you eliminate your pest and rodent issues.

We provide credible impartial facts regarding the most efficient techniques as well as the best suggestions of eliminating biting bugs, spiders and other pests, explain typical errors in practice and likewise talk about the fascinating nuances of expert pest control.

Bed Bugs

They are extremely smart, they will find the best time when you’re most vulnerable at night to bite you.

Bed bugs are absolutely among the worst pests you get to deal with. Some property owners seams to be ready to go into extremes by getting rid of all of their valuables with only one reason – to eliminate these bloodsuckers. Even local pest control firms still have a tough time eliminating them. Overviews about bed bugs that you are about to see here will certainly breakdown every little thing you require to know to stop, detect, and also remedy any type of sort of bed bug problem you may have.


You think that’s your home, surely they don’t think so.

Ants are one of the most common pests in private homes and apartments. Hardworking insects like ants seem to be so harmless, but only until you have a tendency to a mass of fire ant mounds in your yard or a horde of carpenter ants gnawing at your house’s structure. These particularly aggressive species can bring lots of discomfort to you or your loved once. Occasionally, they can even be dangerous, especially for people who have a hypersensitivity reaction to ants’ venom.


Symmetrical to its body dimension, a little flea can leap the highest possible of any kind of insect. In order to have the energy to do that, they consume up to 15 times its very own body weight in blood daily.
Fleas are parasitic blood-sucking insects known to almost everyone. They cause considerable harm to pets but also can also become homeowners’ worst nightmare. Despite the fact that these nasty biters are not fliers, they are most certainly are very good jumpers, they can jump high and far – which contributes a lot to their rapid spread through the home.


These tiny arachnids typically need between 24-48 hours of feeding prior to they can efficiently transfer infections, we’ve got enough time to spot the stranger.

Ticks do not fly or leap like fleas, however, they can hold tightly to clothes, skin, or fur.

Ticks can be found in a range of colors and sizes, however, they do have a comparable round shape to their bodies. Lots of ticks are either entirely red or brown. Prior to they have actually fed, they look very skinny and flat.

Their bites can trigger a great deal of inflammation, along with spreading out illness. According to a current CDC statement, the variety of diseases triggered by tick bites tripled between 2004 and 2016. In fact, various types of ticks can cause over 15 different infections.


They are drawn into the carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and octenol located in our breath and sweat. Beer drinkers, they may also have a preference for you.

Possibly one of the most dangerous pests in the world, the mosquito is capable of creating chaos across the globe dispersing diseases. Besides who is not familiar with that itchy irritating feeling after its bite?
Make sure to check out our mosquito overviews front-to-back to make sure you’re prepared to protect yourself, your family and even give good advice to your friends.


Big lice bite

They have friends, many friends, and they stick together, so be mentally prepared to find hundreds of lice on a host at one time.

If mosquitoes are the most hazardous insect, then lice are just one of the most frustrating.
As a parent there’s absolutely nothing more awful than when your youngster comes home with a head fool of crawling bloodsuckers.
If you encounter such a situation, make sure you plunge into our straight forward comprehensive first-aid guide, that is coming soon, stay tuned.