Bed Bug vs Mosquito Bite

mosquito bites on a kid's legs
How to tell bed bug bites from mosquito? This can be indeed confusing. Did you know that there exists a great deal of bug bites that resemble each other? No matter where you get bitten, bug bites can be very itchy and awfully scratchy; and considering that so numerous bites appear similar, how can you be sure of what’s been biting you? Two pest bites that you might be getting are mosquito bites and bed bug bites. Their bites are normally taken place while you are investing time outdoors, particularly near locations of greenery or standing water. A mosquito bite normally results in a scratchy and red welt that can in some cases end up being inflamed and the surrounding location can feel warm to the touch. Bed bug bites look a lot like mosquito bites, however, you’ll see they are generally in groups of 3 or more and you typically observe them upon waking in the morning. Here are some avoidance pointers to assist you restrict the population of mosquitoes around your house and avoid their scratchy bites if you believe you were getting mosquito bites.
  • Remove if possible locations where mosquitoes reproduce. Such places have standing water, like kids’ swimming pools, as well as anything in your home that can gather rainwater and clog up ditches and seamless gutters.
  • If offered the chance, keep yard and weeds cut short; mosquitoes will prefer to pass the time in high lawns.
  • When investing time outdoors, apply generously Picardin, DEET or other efficient insect repellents on clothes or skin.
  • Keep your skin concealed while outdoors.
  • Prevent hanging out outside throughout peak mosquito activity times, that include dawn and sunset.
If you presume your bites might be from bed bugs, here are TOP 7 locations you must check out for bed bugs, along with indications of bed bug activity inside your house:
top 7 bed bug hiding places photo
  1. Behind the ceiling panels and loose wallpaper

  2. Between wooden joints and behind furniture

  3. Behind hanging image frames

  4. On the mattress and sheet

  5. Under the mattress, between the mattresses and the structural elements of the bed base

  6. In cracks or gaps of hardwood floor

  7. In the seams of the mattress

These are Top 7 places, but of course, we should not underestimate the tiny smart blood-suckers and make sure to check in other locations as well, just to make sure, we did not miss anything.

Consider examining all cushioned furniture in your home, look inside your night table, between the seams of carpets and drapes, and for dessert shine the flashlight behind electric outlets on the walls

Indications of bed bugs consist of dark brown/reddish blood areas on bedding, bed mattress, panels, bedsprings or pieces of furniture. Pieces of bed bug skins clustered near locations where bed bugs conceal can be the right indication of bed bugs.

Bed bugs can also be found and picked up in places outside people’s homes: in hotels, cinemas, or even on public transport.

These suggestions must assist you to identify whether you merely have bites from mosquitoes or perhaps if you are dealing with bed bug bites. Stay safe and don’t let the bedbugs or mosquitos bite you!

Bed bugs bites on a back photo