7 All-natural Remedies to Get Rid of Flying Termite Swarms

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Termites are the worst homeowners nightmare because they will eat you out of your house or home. If termites are on your property they do a lot of damage. Only in the U.S. termites do more than 5 bln $ in damages annually.

Flying termites in your home is not a good indication, it suggests that the termites are on the lookout for a brand-new colony. Here are seven simple and effective natural treatments and measures you can easily apply to make your lovely home flying-termite free again.

  1. Block Day Lights with Heavy-Duty Curtains

Like the majority of bugs, flying termites are attracted to sources of light. Significantly decrease the number of termites in your home by covering all home windows with heavy-duty blackout drapes or curtains. Additionally turning off any type of unnecessary lights at night will serve you well too.

2. Electrocute Termites with Insect Zapper

If flying termites have actually already infested your residence then positioning an interior bug zapper in a dark corner of the area will be a good idea as well. The insect zapper will certainly attract the flying termites with the UV light bulbs help and kill them instantly when they come into contact with the electric grid.

3. Use of a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is not an only effective way of dealing with dust but also with flying termite swarms. Fill a vac’s reservoir with soapy water after that start sucking the flying termites in. The vacuum will certainly likewise come in good use when clearing out the dropped bug wings.

4. Block Flying Termites Entry Points

Walk through your entire home or house and locate all potential entry points for flying termites. Block these entry points with the essential material. For instance, if termites are entering below the door then you could mount a weatherproof seal around it.

5. Vinegar

Vinegar is the wonder liquid for your home. It’s not the only purpose to be used to clean almost anything from your kitchen counter to the bath tab, but you can also apply it to get rid of termites. You just need to mix up a 1/2 a cup of vinegar with lemon juice from two medium-size lemons, and you’ve got your home-made natural termite pesticide. Use a spray bottle and spray the mixture around the area where you suspect the termites. The acidic substance is going to kill the termites upon contact. Make sure you spray regularly to catch any termites you might have missed the first time.

6. Boric acid

Boric acid is another great solution for you. It can be found anywhere, this useful powder can be bought literally in any department store. Make sure you buy pure boric acid. This substance is non-toxic, but it is lethal to termites and many other pests from centipedes to carpenter ants.
Usually, it is in a powdered form. All you will need to do is sprinkle the powder around your home and directly into the soil where you suspect termites to be nesting.
Consequently, this will help you to control and kill them all and prevent future winged termites from invading your property again. Make sure abstain from using boric acid on edible plants or sensitive plants, as it can harm some of your healthy green foliage.

Feel safe to sprinkle boric acid around your home to form a natural barrier against termites, particularly in places like:

• Around window frames
• Beneath doors
• Next to your home’s foundation
• Along window sill
• Around all pet doors
• In front of patio doors
• All around basement vents
• Throughout patio furniture
• On patio or deck

Even though boric acid is non-toxic you should keep children and pets away from it when possible.
Replace the acid on a weekly basis or first thing after any rain. Boric acid for ants is like an electric fence for humans, where ever you build up this “wall” of boric acid you are keeping termites away from your home.
Thus, the boric acid fence makes termites turn around and look for a different habitat. However, this method doesn’t apply to flying termites. Nevertheless preventing ground termites from entering your home will assist greatly in preventing flying termite infestation in the future, since flying termites come from ground termites.

7. River rock

River rock provides no food for termites, besides it repels them.
River rock is a nice balance between cedar mulch and regular soil.
Rock is well-draining because it has plenty of space between the rocks for water to flow. And it doesn’t provide termites with any additional food.
They eat cellulose from the soil, and rocks are not part of their diet. You can purchase river rocks in large packs and then replace your soil with river rock.
Just make sure that the water is well-drained. With no drainage, rocks will not do the trick against termites.

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