Bed bug bite signs and symptoms

bed bugs bites on skin photo

Bed bugs are after-dark tiny insects that bite people only when they are asleep during the deep stage of your sleep, which is one of the most important phases at night that helps you feel refreshed when you wake up the next morning.

IDing the bite. Bites are usually color red, bloated, and look like a pimple. In the center of the irritated area usually, you can see a red dot, t.i. the entrance of the bite. Occasionally the bites may be filled with fluid, it depends on how sensitive to bed bug bites you are.

Spotting. Bedbugs love our body’s warmth so their bites show up on areas of exposed skin that comes in contact with the surface of your bed. Those areas are the arms, neck, and face. And of course, they can have a tour under clothing as well.

Irritation level. Bed bug bites can give pretty itchy and irritating feeling, especially in the morning. By the end of the next day, you should feel slightly better.

Infestation. Bed bug are team players, in very small groups they often make their way in a straight line.

Risk of infection. Bed bug bites can become infected. Signs that you have got infected are:

  • increased sensitivity of the bite’s area
  • redness
  • fever
  • nearby lymph node edema

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