Top 7 Natural Fire Ant Killers

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How to get rid of fire ants? Indeed, fire ants can be an extremely damaging hassle to have around your house as well as a garden. If you’ve got pets or children, you may not be comfortable with your typical over the counter pesticide. Here you will find seven ways to get rid of fire ants this season, without making use of unsafe chemicals. Besides, you will have your ant-free place at almost no cost, because most of the anti-ant ingredients you already have at your home you just did not know it yet.

1. Vinegar Solution

Mix equivalent parts vinegar, baking soda and also water and put the compound right into the ant nest or spray it on ant trails. The strong aroma of vinegar will certainly repel the ants, yet you may have to scent the vinegar for a brief period of time.

This blend will certainly not kill the ants, but it will force them out of your house, as well as out of their nests so that you could safely get rid of it.

2. Pepper

Considering the fact that ants do find the smell of pepper highly irritating for this reason this common spice can be an appropriate choice in preparing a homemade ant deterrent. Black, chili or red (cayenne) pepper any will do.

You will need only 3 ingredients: 4 cups of boiling water, 4 sliced chili pepper and one tsp of any spicy pepper powder.

The receipt is very simple and quite straight forward: put 2 to 4 chopped red pepper in a big glass container, pour the boiling water over them. Let this mixture sit for 24 hours, then, remove the hot peppers and Voila! Run, ants, run! The anti-ant potion is ready.

Since ants always try to avoid if possible walking over sandy substances, first spread some of the spicy pepper powder around their army so no enemy soldier would escape. Then, put the anti-ant potion you prepared yesterday right into the ant mound. In addition to killing the ants in the nest, it will likewise make the ant mound uninhabitable.

You can also put this potion inside a spray container to use it for any ants you find around the house.

3. Lemon Water

Mix some lemon juice with an equal quantity of water and spray the blend on any type of high-traffic ant locations like route or entry points. You’ll have to be diligent and also spray the location continually for this technique to have any kind of impact.

4. Soap

Hand or dish soap liquid is damaging to ants due to the fact that the chemicals in it can break down the layers of the ant’s exoskeleton. This triggers the ants to dry out like an oak tree leaf in the fall. 

Mix some liquid soap or cleaning agent with water in a spray bottle and apply this mixture at any usual ant entry points. The second effect of soapy water on ants is that it eliminates the scent of ant pheromones. Taking out pheromone from ants is like taking out batteries from cellphones of all the people that you know, communication will be compromised and no pheromone trails that they constantly follow will make ants highly confused and disoriented.

5. Coffee Grounds

If you have a desire to safe ants lives and the only thing you want from them to stay out of your house then this method is especially for you. Used ground coffee that you usually throw away anyway can be an efficient natural ant repellent to keep them away. 

After finishing your cup of delicious morning espresso make sure to sprinkle your freshly brewed used coffee grounds in a circle around individual plants or your pet bowls. As you already know ants rely on scent trails that guide them to where they’re going; the coffee grounds block their paths and in most cases the ants’ scent trail as well. 

You can use the same method described here to block fire or black ants’ trails leading outdoors toward your home. Remember to replace the coffee grounds daily as they may lose their potency once they’re dry.

6. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a great choice to use for killing fire ants. The impact that cinnamon has on ants is quite straightforward, when an ant inhales cinnamon, it chokes and dies. Ground cinnamon can be used to sprinkle it on the ants’ trail or around an ant mound. 

Cinnamon essential oil is a good substitute to repel ants as well. Add a few drops of cinnamon oil to a glass of water, pour it in a canister and spray generously on any ant path you can locate in your home.

7. Diatomaceous Earth

Finally, last but not least, a very effective natural fire ant killer is Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is an exceptional type of sand that consists of fossilized seaweed. It has already been extracted from the earth for over a hundred years and it has various industrial applications. One of them, DE works well on repelling ants. The microscopical razor-sharp edges of DE are capable of getting over the ants’ exoskeletons, as a result steadily forcing their body to dehydrate and completely dry out. 

To use this effective repellent on ants gently spread a small amount of DE on any place where you spot ants. If needed repeat this simple step once a day until you realize all the ants have vanished.

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