Top 3 Ways a Mouse Can Kill You

A mouse with cheese on a trap picture

Every animal on this planet that has teeth will certainly more than likely strike you when it’s angry, highly nervous, or feels endangered. It’s fact mice are no exception.

When getting anxious about home pests, mice often rank low on a house owner’s checklist of top worries. Besides, biters like rats, centipedes, and also raccoons absolutely bring to mind a great deal a lot more “ick” variable than a small, pink-eared mouse. Yet don’t be fooled: Regardless of their size and viewed cuteness, mice, in fact, can be fatal to humans.

Have a look at these 3 ways a mouse could kill you:

1. Dangerous Bacteria and also Infections

Coming into direct contact with a real-time or dead mouse, or its droppings or urine can be fatal. Mice bring a range of microorganisms and infections that can damage people, including:

  • Leptospirosis, which is spread out via contact with rat pee as well as can result in liver and kidney damages or failing.
  • Salmonellosis, which can be gotten by eating food or water that is contaminated with rodent feces.
  • Tularemia, which can be transferred via a mouse bite or scrape. Tularemia triggers an extreme fever and can be unsafe to prone populaces, such as youngsters as well as the senior.

How Does Infection Occur?

Diseases transmitted through the bite, occur in a complex form and it is a strict requirement to treat the bite wound with a help of a doctor.

Infection can enter the human body if he or she eats a product that has been in direct contact with a mouse. A rodent does not even have to take a bite or defecate on it, it is enough to trample on it – a huge number of pathogenic bacteria live on the fur and paws of mice.

Fleas that live in the fur of mice can bite a human or a pet, for example. Bites leave small wounds, through which microorganisms easily can penetrate.

Even a pet mouse is not recommended to be brought close to the face. After having contact with it, you need to wash your hands with soap, and it is better to keep the cage away from food.

2. Short circuit

Mice love to nibble on a number of products, that have metal wiring. It’s not uncommon for mice to find access to your home through your walls, attic room, or cellar, where they can after that eat on wiring for your home heating and as well as a/c, hot water heating unit, stereo tools, and also various other equipment. These damages don’t just cost you money; it likewise endangers your house by raising the probability of a short circuit which can result in an electrical fire.

In the UNITED STATE, there are greater than 50,000 residence electric fires yearly, causing nearly 500 deaths. Damage from mice is one way in which an electric fire can begin. Regretfully, the bigger your mouse infestation is, the more probable you are to experience electrical circuitry damage.

3. Harmful Parasites

Lastly, mice prevail service providers of hazardous parasites, such as mites, fleas, and ticks. A bite from among these parasites can lead to unpleasant as well as even fatal illness, such as:

  • Bubonic pester, which is transferred by rodent fleas and can create skin lesions, fever, and even death.
  • Lyme disease, which is transmitted by ticks as well as can create fever, skin sores, headaches, as well as pain in the joints. Yearly, greater than 300,000 people are infected with Lyme’s disease and in many cases, it can be dangerous.
  • Pox, which comes from mites and also can cause lesions, high temperature, and migraines.
  • Typhus, which is spread by fleas and can lead to extreme respiratory problems.

While several of these health and wellness conditions may seem light to many people, take into consideration exactly how they could influence those with the fragile or weakened immune systems, people with various other health problems, kids, and the elderly. What aggravates the situation is that you or your loved ones don’t even have come into direct contact with a mouse itself to get this parasitic illness. These tiny but harmful parasites intensify the potential danger of every mouse.

As you can see, even the tiniest, prettiest mouse can actually be quite hazardous to your health and wellness of your family by making you exposed to infections, illnesses, as well as parasites, or by causing damage to electric wiring in your house. Nonetheless, you certainly can win this battle by taking a few important precautions at your home.

7 Mouse Infestation and Infection Prevention and Control Measures:

  1. With cement mortar seal all the cracks, you can find.
  2. Install metal nets on the ventilation channels.
  3. Do not leave scattered grain and leftover vegetables.
  4. Do not clutter your home, remove all unnecessary things to provide good lighting — mice do not like open space and bright light.
  5. The bin for storing vegetables and grains should be tin-sheathed and covered with a lid.
  6. Regularly use mechanical traps or mouse poisons (make sure no pets or little one can come in contact with it).
  7. Get a tailed home assistant – cats are excellent at catching mice (and Dachshunds and Fox Terriers are the best for catching rats).


These precautions will certainly assist you in making certain that every participant of your household is well secured from the dangers that mice can bring.

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